Whole30: Week 3 Recap

Just a quick recap on my 3rd week. I will have a longer post next week when I complete my Whole30 where I will share what I discovered during the past 30 days and what I have in store for the next 30 days. But here is a little teaser…

I am a true believer that everything starts with food. That should always be step 1 if you are trying to improve yourself and your health. But in order to feel your best and be your best, it has to go beyond just the food we eat.  More to come on this next week!

What I Ate

A quick run down on what my family and I had for dinner during the 3rd week of my Whole 30.

Sunday: The 3 of us went out to eat at another local farm-to-table restaurant called Roosters.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great experience. I ordered their hanger steak (with no sauce) and roasted beets from their gluten-free menu. I requested that the steak be medium, but when it arrived, it was very much on the rare side. The manager was very nice and took it back to the kitchen, but when it came back, not only was it still undercooked, but they had also added the sauce, which I did not want. I attempted to eat it, but just couldn’t do it and gladly passed it over the my husband to enjoy. I will say that the staff was very nice and even gave us a discount on our check since I wasn’t satisfied. 

Monday: smoked beef brisket with warm spinach and sweet potato salad from Everyday Paleo website

Tuesday: italian stuffed peppers from Paleo Everyday by Multiply Delicious with cauliflower rice from Well Fed

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: puerto rican beef from Everyday Paleo with sweet potato fries and plantains cooked in leaf lard

Friday: grilled salmon with brussel sprouts and bacon from Everyday Paleo. This was actually my 4 year olds favorite meal of the week. No lie!

Saturday: leftovers

I will be back next week with much more!

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